Staffs to Snowdon Update: True Grit – The Outlaw (100km)

From previous rides I headed into this one thinking I might finish around the 5 hour mark. The write up mentioned some of the North Yorkshire Moors ‘notorious’ climbs, well it proved to be the downfall for me. I don’t mind telling you that I had to walk some of them, some where unridable and I was thankful for my carbon bike which I happily slung over my shoulder, while others where down to my legs not being powerful enough and probably more important that the gearing on my bike was inadequate for the ride.
I rode with Jonathon & Bez, if you read this ever thank you so much for letting me tag along with you. The difference it makes having someone to chat to is immense, trust me I have spent many hours riding along with just my own thoughts and conversation. They both gave me great advice regarding my gear ratios and how to improve the hill climbs. But every time we hit a hill I had to watch them both disappear off into the distance leaving me gasping for air to end up walking the last bit of the hill. I managed to catch them back up again which I’m sure they rode a bit slower for me although they both denied this.
I completed the ride in 6 hours 22 minutes which I was happy with as I know I rode consistently throughout. I did check on Strava and all I can find is a chap that finished in 3rd place (although it is not a race) with a time of 5 hours 43 minutes. So only 38 minutes behind third place. Normally I finish half way through the toal amount of riders. Anne said there where either 237 or 257 riders on the outlaw and I recon I am easily within the top 50. All in all I feel I must be improving.
So what is next?
July 8th I’m doing a ride down on Exmoor which is a MTB event, and between now and then I will be changing my gear ratios on my cross bike and doing a few rides with some hills.
Only 32 days until the challenge ride to Snowdon, have I done enough? We will soon see.

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