Staffs to Snowdon Update: Bish Bash Bosh

Not only is this the name of my new bike, it also sums up how my thoughts about the ride are going!!!
Meaning apart from making my bike the best it can be there is very little I can do. Have I done enough over the last 12 months to manage such an epic ride?
Should I have stuck with riding it over 3 days?
Should I have sold my bike last week leaving myself no option but to ride to Snowdon, which will make it the 2nd time i will have ridden my new bike?
Well to coin Annes favourite saying over the last 2 years….
It is what it is…

My Specialized Crux Pro had been up for sale for about 3 months and I have had very little interest. Then with 1 week to go all thoughts of selling it had gone and I was focused on making sure it was in the best condition possible…. then I have an email on Thursday asking if they can come the next day to view and possibly buy it on their way past.  I responded without hesitation, “Yes, no problem, See you at 7pm”. Then it hits me, I have 7 days before my ride and I am potentially bikeless. How can I do a 140 mile bike ride without a bike. So time to get online and start searching for possible bikes. I already had a shortlist of potentials, ones that I really liked. Every company needed time to make the bike up which took all of them out of the running so maybe it is a preloved bike that I need. After a bit of searching I found my 1st choice bike on my shortlist, in the right size at the right price.
On Friday the guys that came to look at the Crux bought it without hesitation, and I knew they would after all it was in perfect condition with everything replaced over the last 6 months. They gave me an envelope of cash and went on their way. It was now just after 7pm, they had driven down from Scunthorpe and I was about to drive up to Wakefield to check this bike out. I arrived in great time just before 9pm. On the way up I did notice the southbound carriageway had a lot of orange flashing lights on and they were starting to put out the cones for some overnight roadworks. So I knew we could get delayed but it would be about 10pm by the time we came past there, probably wont even be any queue.
Anyway checked the bike over and it all worked fine and was in great condition, I handed over the envelope of cash, bundled it into the car and headed for home.
What a journey home, it seems they closed down 2 lanes and the queue was massive, then you get past it and get back up to cruising altitude and see loads of brake lights in the distance, and the information signs let you know that they have closed 2 lanes again. We got home just after midnight.
Anyway it was worth the effort as I now have a bike with hydraulic brakes and she looks great.
So a few more tweaks to do tomorrow, like bleeding the brakes, fitting the new pads and double checking my bike fit. Then tomorrow night I will take her out on our maiden voyage to see how she feels. I’m sure I will be doing a few more tweaks on Thursday in anticipation of setting out early on Friday morning for the ultimate goal of the Summit of Snowdon.
The Ride

I have my route planned and will be sharing it on Facebook if anyone is keen to see how I’m getting on. I will be starting at 5am with the intention of reaching the summit by 8pm and back down by 9pm.
I have worked out my time based on an average speed of 20kph (12mph), which I should achieve easily, however I need to maintain this over the whole distance. We will see how we go. Up to this point my furthest ride has been 164km (100miles) which took me 7 hours 34 minutes with an average speed of 21.4 km/h. That was back in March so I should easily improve on this. 
I will update this blog once i have completed my ride, until then well, there is only 1 thing to say…..
It will be what it will be….

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