Staffs to Snowdon Update: 13 Weeks Until Snowdon

It is only 13 weeks until my charity ride. Do I feel ready? No!! The furthest I have ridden in one ride before is 102 miles, so this is 41 miles more. However I do have a whole 13 weeks so it is time to focus my efforts and get as fit as possible.

I have a few events lined up before then, with lots of training rides in between.

  1. In 2 weeks: Wantage a 50 mile MTB event on the 28th May
  2. In 7 weeks: Yorshire Moors a 60 mile Gravel event on the 24th June
  3. in 10 weeks: Exmoor a 40 mile MTB event on the 9th July
  4. In 13 weeks my charity ride from Staffordshire to the summit of Snowdon. 143 miles on the 28th July.
I have 24 hours to complete it, so it should not be a problem.
Stage 1
This is on road just south of Chester where I will use the canal towpath to work my way through Chester itself. Leaving Chester on a cycle path heading towards Flint and Prestatyn.
This is about 86 miles and we have allowed 7 hours to complete this section, which does not include any breaks.
Stage 2
Using the North Wales Coastal Path from Prestatyn across to Bangor and then coming inland to Llanberis is about 43 miles so 3.5 hours riding should see it completed.
So in total that is 129 miles and 10.5 hours of riding. I have allowed a further 1.5 hours for fuel stops and any breakdowns will be on top of this.

Stage 3
The shortest section is just up to the summit of Snowdon and back down again. This should be about 3 hours in total.
I cannot ride on the mountain before 5pm because of the rules & regulations regarding bikes etc. So I plan to leave Rugeley at 5am with a arrival at my ‘basecamp’ of 5pm. Giving me ample daylight to summit and return down again.
Your support would be appreciated. Anne is currently recovering as we speak at The QE Hospital in Birmingham after having her reconstruction surgery. By the time I complete this ride she should have completed her recovery from the operation so it is all coming together. Anne has endured 2 years of operations, chemo, radiotherapy and a final operation to give her some kind of normal back.
If you have already supported us then you know who you are and we really appreciate your donation. But if you have not and we can inspire you to donate it means a lot to us, especially Anne who has been through so much.
That is it for now, I’m sure I will update you in a couple of weeks after my next event, so until then….. 

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