About Us

About us. It is more about me, but that just sounds wrong. MTB Coach is owned by myself, Dave Pemberton-Smith.


I am dedicated to being a student to Personal Development and have coached mountain bike skills in this area for 15 years. I am currently a MIAS level 5 Instructor. I used to ride the underpasses, subways and canals of Birmingham city centre until I discovered Cannock Chase. Above all I'm a family man and am constantly inspired and surprised by my two sons and tirelessly supported by my wife.

My main source of income is from Network Marketing which I have been involved with since the early 90's. I have developed a sizable team across the UK and am ranked very highly within the whole organisation. Although this is my main focus the nature of the business allows me plenty of time to be dedicated to MTB Coach and delivering great sessions for all my clients.

I hold a few mountain bike qualifications:

(MIAS) Mountain Bike Leader level 5 - This allows me to coach people to ride in mountainous terrain up to 600m, as well as to qualify others to coach to the same standard. It also gives me the ability to coach schools, the military and any other organisation. MIAS stands for 'Mountain-bike Instructors Award Scheme, it is a bit of a mouthful, but it is in my opinion the best qualification to have.

QCF Level 3 - This allows me to deliver courses to students who are taking an A Level where mountain biking is part of the syllabus.

Emergency Services Cycle Patrol Provider level 2 - This allows me to coach and train the emergency services how to ride mountain bikes in the course of their work.

Search & Rescue Provider - I provide training for those involved with Low Level Search & Rescue

Outside of this I provide skill sessions to anyone between the ages of 12 and 112. Stag and Hen parties, corporate events, Childrens parties and almost anything else that you can do on a mountain bike.


dave pemberton-smith